Learn to create colour ranges for your embroidery.

The color in the embroidery, as in the design, has a crucial importance and for that reason it is essential to define the chromatic palettes suitable for any textile project. In this is specialist Karen Barbé, designer and embroiderer with more than a decade of experience, who has published the book Color Confident Stitching: How to Create Beautiful Color Palettes (published in Spanish as Design your color palettes for embroidery ) and he has devoted a good part of his career to instructing about the theory of color in embroidery.

In this course Karen will teach you how to create perfect color palettes for all types of textile projects. You will discover the importance of color and how they behave and "dialogue" with each other. In this course you will not learn to embroider, but to plan the colors of the threads that you will use in your projects to apply them to your designs.
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