Learn professional techniques for composition, retouching and lighting for photographs.

Carles Marsal, graphic designer specialized in Matte Painting, will show you the techniques and professional tricks he uses to correctly integrate the different elements of a photomontage, reaching the highest possible level of realism.

After defining an appropriate composition, you will learn to retouch and integrate all the elements through a multitude of tricks with which you will make your projects look like you would have never imagined. An authentic arsenal of photomontage secrets at your disposal!

In this course you will delve into the world of photo retouching and to do it you will need to know how to work with layers, masks and brushes with Photoshop. As an introduction to this technique from scratch, we recommend the course " Matte Painting: creating photorealistic worlds s "by Carlos Marsal in which you will learn to create imaginary worlds with a photorealistic result that is only available in Domestika.
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