Learn to create memorable portraits with minimum resources: your camera and natural light.

To make a photographic portrait means to consider who we have before us and what we want to show about that person. In fact, a portrait does not only show the image of a person, but it reflects the relationship between the photographer and the person portrayed. Lupe de la Vallina has done portrait photography for publications and companies such as JotDown, El País Semanal, Vanity Fair or Repsol and knows well that a good portrait should attract you and awaken in you some sensation, although at the time of shooting it is not in your hand control all the variables that intervene in it.

In this course, you will learn to obtain memorable portraits with the minimum resources during an interview: a camera, natural light, a subject that is not accustomed to posing and a daily location. More than technical aspects in this course you will learn to know the subject and discover its most fascinating facet to communicate it with great force. And since photography does not end when the shutter is activated, Lupe will also teach you to perform the subsequent treatment of the image, which will be the process that will give you a personal tone and according to the mood you want to transmit.
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