Learn how to dye, knot, and knit threads to create colorful textured tapestries.

Knitting, tying knots, dyeing, creating compositions from nothing... all these activities around the fibers are those behind the Pluumbago textile projects, a decoration brand founded by Ixchel Yué. Her creations range from tapestries, lamps, chairs, table runners or cushions, to other custom orders such as Las cortinas de mil colores for designer Erick Millán or Tapiz gigante teñido for Casa Mazzoco in Calakmul, Mexico.

In this course, Ixchel will teach you the Fiber Emballage technique, with which you'll knit wrapping threads, a beautiful way to add more color and texture to the final project. In addition, you'll work with cotton fibers dyed by you, learning the very basic steps to dyeing.
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