Learn to enrich and give character to your lettering.

If she knows anything perfectly, Martina Flor -strainer, designer and founder of her own studio of lettering- is the communicative power of letters. But not in the sense of words and language, but in the way in which their forms and how they draw them, are capable of sending a message to the reader. Martina has worked with clients such as Vanity Fair, HarperCollins or Penguin Random House and in this course she will teach you how to deal with a lettering assignment for a major publisher.

This course is the perfect complement to The golden secrets of lettering , another one of the courses that Martina teaches in Domestika, since it taught you the fundamental principles of lettering. Now, however, it goes a little further, teaching you to create complex typographical compositions and how to make your piece stand out and take on personality through the use of adornments, textures, colors and digital treatments.
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