Learn basic techniques to create contemporary pieces of jewelry with natural fibres.

Ana Holschneider and María del Socorro Gasca are the founders of Caralarga, a high quality artisan jewelry workshop with which they seek to highlight the natural characteristics of the materials they use and increase the value of manual work. It is a textile design and production project whose main production line is jewelery, although they also produce clothing and decoration pieces of medium and large format.

In this course you will learn the basic artisan techniques to create contemporary style textile jewelry. Ana and Soco will teach you how to take advantage of local materials, accentuating and highlighting the characteristics of textile and natural fibers; next to them you will discover weaving techniques, moorings and closures that will allow you to create sober and elegant pieces from scratch.

This is a basic course on textile jewelry in which you will learn elementary techniques to create simple pieces of contemporary style. If you want to take your first steps in this fantastic world this is your course.
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