Get into the world of comic strips too make people think and laugh.

Making the reader laugh with a story is the daily bread of the Argentine cartoonist Ricardo Liniers Siri, better known as Liniers. With a trajectory of more than 17 years illustrating daily strips of graphic humor, nobody knows better than him the secrets of this art.

His work has covered newspapers such as Page 12, La Nación, El País, covers for The New Yorker and King Features, record covers for musicians like Andrés Calamaro, live shows with the musician Kevin Johansen and the illustrator Alberto Montt, as well as the Publication of 30 books published in more than 17 countries. His career has been recognized at the Comic-Con 2018 (USA) with the Eisner Prize - the "Oscar of the illustrators" - and the Inkpot Prize.

In this course, Liniers will share the secrets to start you in the laborious art of producing daily graphic humor. You will learn to provoke surprise and humor in the reader, and you can make your own graphic strip with original characters, from the hand of one of the most renowned cartoonists in Latin America.
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