Use retouching to add phantasy and a bit of terror to your photographs.

Photo retouching can do everything. Transform the image of a person into a character of a zombie movie, futuristic or what the imagination - and skills in Adobe Photoshop - can achieve. Alain Perdomo is a visual artist, photographer and retoucher passionate about mystery and drama and is dedicated to transmitting feelings with touches of fantasy and terror in his photographs. If in your first courses you teach to take your first steps with Initiation to photo retouching with Photoshop and then, go one step further with Photo retouching of fashion and beauty with Photoshop . Now it invites you to awaken your creativity and through retouching create the unimaginable.

In this course you will learn step by step the best professional touch-up techniques to create a fictional character with Adobe Photoshop. You will start from a photograph as a base, in which you will be working and creating a character in a meticulous way, shaping and adapting each part of his body to the final result you want to achieve.
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