Learn from scratch to create unique and surprising illustrations from the brief to the final artwork.

If you already master some illustration techniques, but you are curious to learn to illustrate with colored pencils in a professional manner, Carmen García Huerta - professional illustrator - is the perfect teacher to start in this technique full of nuances focused on commercial works.

Passionate about capturing the color and vibration of nature with colored pencils and graphite, Carmen has developed her own style that has led her to collaborate professionally for brands such as El País, El Corte Inglés, Lancôme, Cinco Jotas, Alhambra beers, Jewelers Suárez or the San Isidro festivities (2017) for the Madrid City Council (Spain). With his extensive experience, in this course he will teach you to develop illustrations with professional techniques and advice, and also, how to manage a real order, from the brief enters the email tray until the art is sent Final to your client.
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