Achieve total control over the tonal range and learn how to capture, retouch, and print your photos.

Visual artist Cristian Maturana makes an interesting reflection regarding black and white photography as he says that "when we talk about black and white we suppress color and work only with the form, we leave out half of the information of a whole. It seems like a radical choice that forces us to rethink the image... We observe reality in color and then we eliminate it. It’s a brutally self-aware decision."

In this course, Maturana will introduce you to the exciting world of black and white, then will go further into a slightly more technical aspect of the course: the development and retouching of your photographs. He’ll teach you how to control your camera’s tonal range, both in the capture and in the editing, and to manage the values ​​in the development and postproduction software, until you reach the printed output, configuring the mid-range peripherals for optimized use in photography.
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