With our 100% self-paced, step-by-step detailed video tutorials you will learn how to:

· Integrate Solar passive design and tree orientation in your home

· Cold Climate construction - Build with MASS and insulation

· Learn how to find the right land and join / build a community

· Design Bio Geometrically to evoke harmonic resonance

· Plan the overhead and cross section view on graph paper

· Plan all of your electrical and plumping on paper and on site

· Test your soil and Air Crete Mix for safe construction

· Learn how to design openings and support them with buttresses

· Install door and windows into the Sand Bag / Air Crete medium

· How to water proof your home and stop the capillary action

· How to build a 3D sky light - Almanac Solar & Lunar Calendar

· Apply plastering and finishing techniques

· Building of an Air Crete & Sandbag dome from ground up

· Build your own self supporting archways for all the openings
   This is an online class

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   Language: English

   Price: USD $ 99

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