Learn digital and analog techniques to fill your creations with expression.

To achieve unique illustrations it is essential to let your imagination fly and experiment with different techniques, both digital and analog. Javier Casas - better known as Moscko - is a graphic designer by profession and illustrator at heart who finds in the experimentation the key elements to create his works. With more than 10 years of experience developing projects for clients such as Bogoshorts, Okan Project and Index Studies and visual art projects reviewed in magazines such as Bacánika or Inkygoodness, in this course, Javier will share all his secrets.

You will learn to develop artistic skills to create fantastic digital illustrations, from the idea approach, through concept maps, reference analysis and search, to the creation of graphic material. You will learn analog and digital experimentation techniques, to create an image with which to explore all its visual possibilities and reproduce it in a high quality print.
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