Fire up your internal engine by syncing your breath with movement in this collection of Ashtanga yoga videos.

From the primary series to advanced poses, use our Ashtanga yoga online collection to progress in this athletic and dynamic form of yoga at your own individual pace. This unique series will help you to achieve an overall lightness of being that can help to transform your life.

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional lineage-based yoga developed in India, which combines flowing Vinyasa poses and the Hatha yoga breathing system. In Vinyasa, there is never any separation between movement and breathing. It is this attention to the breath that makes Ashtanga yoga completely unique and effective. With as little as 20 minutes a day, these Ashtanga yoga online videos will help you to build internal composure and begin a new exploration of your own potential.

In this collection of Ashtanga yoga videos, you will rely on three main tools to strengthen your entire body while broadening self-awareness. Using your posture in coordination with your breath and a specific focal point, you will train the body and calm the mind. As you gaze onto your focal point, you look out over the tip of your nose, into the world, and back inside yourself. Closing your throat just enough so that you can hear the sound of your breath, you will use the metered rhythm of your breath to monitor and connect to your practice. Unite your body, mind, and breath and achieve an increased awareness with Gaia's Ashtanga yoga series.
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