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Kuracanto is a community of masters, skilful, professionals,
instructors, coaches and teachers sharing their knowledge.
Find and discover clases, workshops and events.


Spotlight the experiences made possible
when we explore our talents and potentials.

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What are the social challenges?

We are unique individuals co-living under a same sky, where each of us have different paths to walk on, know-how’s to use and needs to cover.

To become a fulfilled society we need to let each other evolve according to our own uniqueness, in order to unfold ourselves and our potentials.

Support self development is boosting wellness, freedom, creativity and innovation as well as decreasing toxicity and waste, generating a direct impact on social improvement.

About Us

Kuracanto’s mission is to facilitate
the world's flow of knowledge.

We build a tool to improve the acquisition of information, experiences and skills persons need to empower themself in an organic way. We believe the faster people can explore, experiment, learn and understand, the better they can contribute to humankind.